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Visit to Swami Vivekananda Integrated Rural Health Centre (SVIRHC), Pavagada

The Department of Management, organized a Health Center visit to Swami Vivekananda Integrated Rural Health Centre (SVIRHC), Pavagada, Karnataka -572202, Karnataka, India on Friday and Saturday (24.01.2020 & 25.01.2020) for 1st year students and second year students of MBA (Management of Business Administration). The Director of MBA department Dr. Vatsala G and faculty members Prof. Akash & Prof. Divya V have coordinated to all the 20 visiting students throughout the 2 days Health Center Visit. The main objective of the visit was to give a field experience and ground reality to the students on healthcare management of remote areas of Karnataka and Knowledge related to several long term diseases like TB, HIV and Leprosy.

Ramakrishna Sevashrama was started for the service of humanity. Swami Japanandaji has founded the Ashrama and started Swami Vivekananda Integrated Rural Health Centre & its branch Sri Sharadadevi Blindness Control Project. Soon the scope of the Centres activities expanded vastly, and it grew into a major institution. Swami Vivekananda Integrated Rural Health Centre (SVIRHC) was Founded in 1991 by Swami Japanandaji this centre in Pavagada is admired by the local peoples for their good health and well-being. The Activities of SVIRCH includes free medical treatments related to dental surgery, OPD services, micro and macro level operations to the rural peoples which also includes free medicine and food for the patients under treatment.The services being concentrated by the svirhc are focused under these heads: Eradication of (1) Leprosy, (2) Tuberculosis, and (3) Blindness, and general medical service.

On the first day, Swami Japanand ji briefly explained us about the vision and mission of Healthcare Center being operated at the remote village. He also explained about the services being offered by SVIRCH. All the activities of the Centre are being performed in its own hospital complex in Pavagada. The services of this hospital now reached to Tumkur district and Andhra Pradesh out to nearly a thousand of villages. Collaborating with the Karnataka health ministry, it has been in the forefront of projects for leprosy, TB and blindness eradication in the Pavagada taluk and other surrounding villages. Till date (5th May 2018), 3689 leprosy and 8361 tuberculosis patients has been treated & 378 patients are under treatment, and 11382 visually affected have been cured by svirhc. 511 of the leprosy-cured have benefited from the exclusive reconstructive surgery facility offered by it. The rural hospital has so far treated 2,49,771 outpatients and more than 10000 inpatients. This Healthcare center has conducted 241 general heath camps till May-2018 benefiting remote peoples of Pavagada and Andhra pradesh villagers. And the task of visiting every house in every community for identifying leprosy and TB infected goes on, under Swami Japanandajis inspired leadership.

At the last day of the Health Center visit, they explained us about the symptoms of leprosy and TB, about the treatment procedure and precautions that need to be taken, if anyone is suffering from those of the disease. They also explained about the several ways to prevent from the HIV disease.

Workshop on Career Development - A CSR Initiative

The Faculty at Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies organized several workshops for the students of Government First Grade Colleges all across Karnataka.

These Workshops were conducted as a part of the CSR Initiative of the Institute to help the students get better clarity on Career Development. The Workshops Included:

  • GFGC Hebbur and GFGC Kudoor - 6th March 2019
  • GFGC Gubbi - 7th March 2019
  • GFGC Kadugudi - 5th March 2019
  • GFGC Chintamani - 12th March 2019
  • GFGC Doddaballapura - 14th March 2019
  • GFGC Tumkur - 15th March 2019
  • PFGC Vijayapura - 16th March 2019
  • GFGC RT Nagar - 18th March 2019
  • GFGC Maddur and GFGC Ramanagar - 21st March 2019
  • Jindal First Grade College - 22nd March 2019
  • GFGC Bangarpet - 26th March 2019
  • GFGC KR Puram - 27th March 2019
  • Cauvery First Grade College - 12th April 2019

Visit to Miracle Manna Ministry

On 1 October 2019, the students of Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies under the Student Social Responsibility banner of ‘Punyashala’ visited Miracle Manna Ministry, a home for orphans situated in Jakkur. The Trust has around 25 students. The trust is taken care by Mr. Shivaji and his wife. The students organised various activities for the children like Lemon in the Spoon, Book balance, Musical chair and Passing the ball and prizes were given to the winners of the events.

Following the activities, Dr. Vatsala G, Director, Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies addressed the gathering about the realities of life and how important it is for the students to contribute and give back to the society. The students got inspired by this and realized how each aspect of life is equally important. Each student had contributed a sum of money for this event and with this amount they were able to donate to the Trust two Cots, some books and stationery as well as spread sheets. Students also bought fruits, snacks and some beverages for the children in the Trust. This event made all the students realize the importance of life and how important it is to help the society. They were able to bring a smile on the faces of all the children and leave them with a lots of memories and happiness.

Visit to Baale Mane

Baale Mane (literally, "Girls Home") at Gopalapura is a home for around 65 orphan girls between the age of eight and fifteen. It is situated on the outskirts of the city of Bengaluru, India. Praspara Trust, an NGO dedicated to the eradication of child labour system, founded it in 2001. At present, it is owned by The Baale Trust, which provides shelter & a loving home for girl children.

The girls in Baale Mane have been rescued from domestic service, found homeless in the streets by volunteers & others have been given shelter having been arrested by the police on the streets.

SIMS students visited Baale Mane on 13 November 2011. It was a memorable day. Their day began with the cake cutting session in the morning. The next day was Children's Day so the students of SIMS wanted to make it memorable for Baale Mane children. The Girls at Baale Mane were highly excited, as they had not seen celebrations for long. In order to motivate & boost the children, SIMS students conducted activities such as Mehndi Competition, Drawing, Singing, Rangoli, Musical chair, Balancing the balloon & so on. The winners of every competition were awarded with gifts as a token of appreciation. The students distributed new clothes, books and stationery items to the girls bought out the funds pooled in by them. They could see the happiness reflected in the girls' face.

After spending the whole day in such a fruitful manner, students of SIMS were filled with a sense of satisfaction. They felt proud for doing something for the needy. They felt great for being responsible citizens. This visit of SIMS students to Baale Mane was highly appreciated by the Director and faculty of SIMS.