NIRF-2019 | PGCET Code: B279

Specialization - Finance

Finance is the lifeblood of any business organization. It broadly involves the study of funds management in a company. Areas of finance include Public Finance, Personal Finance and Business Finance. Financial Management is the backbone of any company whether it is a corporate business house or some small financial institutions. Proper financial management safeguards the wealth of an organization and ensures that the business gets sufficient returns on investment. Financial Managers are also known as Personal Financial Advisors, Financial Planners or Financial Consultants.

Financial management offers a number of career options to students ranging from financial planning to funds management in a company. A student after completing his/her course in finance can initially join as an Executive or as an Assistant Finance Manager. Students of Finance can also seek employment in various sectors such as in Government & Private Sectors, Public Accounting Firms, Stock Trading Consultancies, etc.

Doing a management course related to finance or gaining a finance degree offers excellent career opportunities. Take a look at some of these diverse career options enlisted below:

  • Corporate manager ,
  • Investment banker ,
  • Financial advisor,
  • Financial analyst ,
  • Financial examiners ,
  • Financial managers ,
  • Personal financial planners ,
  • Budget analysts ,
  • Investor relations associate or executive ,
  • Credit analyst.