NIRF-2019 | PGCET Code: B279

Specialization - Human Resource

As the market gets more and more service oriented, companies are realizing and acting upon the importance of human resource. For the success of any industry or company it is essential that human resource is utilized in the best possible way. This is done by a HR Manager. Though the regular work of a human resource manager is to hire people, matching them to the jobs they are meant for, there is much more to the profile of the Manager than that. He needs to advertise positions/vacancies, administer employee benefits, arrange for their training, redress their grievances as and when they arise, etc. Besides, they also assist workers to boost their morals and give training and coaching to maximize their abilities. The person who is acting in the role of human resources manager also consults with company executives in matters of budgeting and planning when it comes to hiring decisions.

More and more companies seek the outsourcing services of HR recruitment companies. The focus on HRM is now moved to the strategic utilization of employees and the measurable impact of employee programs over business. Nowadays successful companies need to be adaptive, resilient, customer-centered and quick to change direction. Within such an environment the effectiveness of HRM is crucial to business success. HR professionals establish systems for performance development, career succession planning and employee development. This keeps people motivated, happy, personally engaged and contributing to company success.

Furthermore, the HR professional helps the development of organizational culture and climate in which employees have the competency, concern and commitment to serve customers well. At SIMS, we offer the students, opportunities to learn and explore inter-personal skills and impart real time industry knowledge related to the domain to them, which equips them to be better HR Managers and practice the art of HR Management right from their very first day at work.