NIRF-2019 | PGCET Code: B279

Specialization - Marketing

Sales and marketing are the most essential functions of any organization and are indispensable for the survival of the organization. Apart from regular selling of products by the sales team, the role of marketing manager is to do market research, product development, promotion and public relation activities. Sales and Marketing managers formulate the marketing strategies for a firm by analyzing the demand for the firm's products and services in the market. They also identify competitors and potential markets such as businesses, retailers, wholesalers, government, and the general public. In this stream of specialization students are instilled with the skills and knowledge, which are required to become proficient in sales and marketing field.

As an MBA Marketing graduate, one can get career opportunities in the field of marketing strategy, consulting, sales management, product and brand management, advertising, media, entrepreneurial management, line management, international marketing and marketing research. One can work as a Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Market Research Analyst, Sales Manager, Media Planner, Creative Concept Designer, Product Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Consultant, and even can become entrepreneur if one anchors their future interest in starting his/her own business. Overall, there are innumerable opportunities in the field of marketing. SIMS being one of the MBA colleges in Bangalore with marketing specialisation, trains students for marketing and sales specialization, and in addition to that also helps students acquire innovative techniques and strategies of selling products. Marketing a business or product is easier said than done and at SIMS the students are trained to gear up for the most critical of marketing situations that may arise in an organization.