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Seshadripuram Journal of Social Sciences (SJSS) Vol.2, Special Issue 1, December 2019 - Download

Sl No Title Authors Page No.
1 A Review of Cogeneration Techniques of Renewable Energy and its Impact on REC Trading Anil Kumar C N 13-26
2 A study on Creating Awareness of PhonePay over Paytm Niveditha V, 27-40
3 A study on the Impact of online shopping over small retailers Deena paul 41-46
4 The consumer perception towards Eco-Friendly products Dr.Prasad H K, Ms.Megha G, Ms.Pooja G 47-61
5 Adoption of E-Wallets by Unorganised Sector – A Study near Shopping Areas of Bengaluru City South Zone Dr. M Muniraju, Swaminath S 01-12
6 Adoption of IFRS ABD ITS impact on small and medium Enterprises Rajath B.S. 62-69
7 An Empirical Study on Women Entrepreneurship in India Mona Sharma S, P Pranitha V ,Rachana S., Herle 70-80
8 Quality of Modern Education System Adopted in selected colleges in VIRUDHUNAGAR District, TAMILNADU – an Analysis Dr. R. NARMADHA, Dr. E. NIXON AMIRTHARAJ 81-89
9 A Study of Social and Digital Media in Marketing Sandya. S, Deepika U M 90-91
10 Learning to transform the world: Key Competencies in Education for Sustainable Development Dr Ashwini Roy A.S 92-100
11 “CAMPUS TO CORPORATE” - A Study on Sustainable higher Education Practices for Students of Business Education Dr. Radha.R, 101-114
12 Impact of Capital Structure on Profitability with Special Reference to HDFC Bank LEEMA S MAMMAN 115-123
13 Sustainability education in non-formal system and extracurricular activities Case study. Sri.Karthik.S. 124-127
14 A Study on Analysis of Consumer Behaviour towards Green Marketing Najmunnisa. A, Chaithra. R 128-143
15 The Study on the Effect of Demonetization on Digital Banking Sector Divya Cherian 144-155
16 Digital Banking Practices, Paytm and E-Wallet - 156-167
17 A Paper on Digital Drive in Indian Insurance Industry Supriyaa 168-178
18 Learning on successful Digital Promotion Apporach in Edification Zone at Bangalore City. Dr. Munivenkatappa & Harishkumar M 179-189
19 A Study on Consumer Perception towards Jio and Airtel Divya N, Prithvitha. C 190-205
20 Adoption of Social Innovation Among Repatriates Dr. Lubna Ambreen 206-215
21 Economics Strategies for Financial Inclusion Dr. Lalitha B.S 216-226
22 A Study on Impact of Self Help Group –Bank Linkage Programme in the Upliftment of Poor with Special Reference to SKDRDP, Harohalli Region, Ramanagara District Anusha N, Rakesh Nadig H S 227-236
23 Financial Inclusion for Self Help Groups Mallikarjun 237-245
24 A Study on The status of Digital Financial Literacy among street vendors Kumari M S, Harshitha G & Rakesh Nadig H S 246-256
25 A Study on “The impact of Goods and Service Tax on Wholesale shop keepers with special Reference to new Tarangupet merchant association Uma Maheshwari S, Sowjanya, Rakesh Nadig H S 257-266
26 Work-Life Balance and Stress Management SUNIL M.G 267-289
27 Impact of PayTm on College students – Its Pros and Cons Rashmi K A 300-309
28 Education through Audio-Visual Communication: A Study of Science Communication in Early Childhood through Online Videos Bharti Shandilya 310-328
29 Geography of venture capital investments in India Saranya.S, Dr. Amulya.M 329-337
30 Impact of social media marketing on small and medium business Performance Rinny Kiran 338-345
31 Role and Impact of technology on Micro Insurance Dr. Salem Sreeveena 346-352
32 Innovative Teaching Practices With Special Reference to PG Students Dr. Ramesha V 353-358
33 Customer Satisfaction towards Honda Two-Wheeler with special Reference to Gudalur Taluk Dr. A. Jaganathan 359-364
34 Leveraging Small Finance Banks in Achieving Financial Inclusion in India Kittu R S, Dr. Smt. Mahananda B Chittawadagi 365-372
35 Emerging technology to address the Challenges of 21st century learners Dr. Archana A. & Msdhukumara B K 373-384
36 Role of Insurance Industry to the Sustainable economic growth in India Mahadevaswamy S 385-394
37 Sustainability education within the National education policies-Analysis of Policies, Curriculum and Pedagogy. Smt. Kavitha K.N. 395-402
38 A Study on emojis in marketing communication Radhika S.R 403-408
39 Innovative teaching and Sustainable of Business Education in India Niranth M R 409-419
40 Consumer attitude towards Online grocery shopping Ashitha Ann Koshy 420-431
41 Impact of Credit Risk Management on Financial Performance of Mahila Cooperative banks in Kalaburagi District Dayasagar 432-437
42 A Study on the rise of air pollution with reference to the increase of automobile industries in India. Robin Robert 438-447
43 A study on consumer perception towards Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd. Bhavyashri C N, Nishmitha K S 448-460
44 A Study on Insurance penetration and Insurance Density in India Rajeevnath T R 461-469
45 Celebrity Advertisement on the purchasing behaviour of a Consumer Nirmal Varughese James 470-498
46 Sustainable Micro-Finance and the Rural Development Poornima K 499-508
47 The Implementation of Strategies to Maintain the Work Life Balance and Stress Management in Teaching Sector Mrs. Dakshayini E 509-516
48 Higher Educational Institutions Role in making India as World’s fastest growing Economy in future Dr.Chaya.R 517-525
49 Diversity and Inclusion Shilpa Santhosh Jayakrishnan 526-537
50 A Study on Green Marketing Sowbhagya. T.R 538-544
51 A Study on Post-Acquisition Performance of Indian Telecom Companies Sruthi S 545-556
52 Work Life Balance & Stress Management through Sustainability Development Mrs. Saira Banu 557-567
53 Diversity and Inclusion Suresh M, Geetha Varshini, Bhuvaneshwari, Ravi Chandra, Karthik 568-586
54 The role of Technoogy impact in Marketing Article Suresha K S, Harishkumar M & Nandan H S 587-592
55 Work Life Balance and Stress Management Sravani, Nathish 593-598
56 Prospects of Micro-Finnance Imstitutions through rural Development in South Karnataka: SDG’S Prof. Vasanthakumari 599-604
57 Conceptual Framework of Digital Marketing Communication Ramyashree K.K 605-613

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