Safety and Security

Cyber Security Measures


All the systems in our college have built-in Windows Firewall activated which blocks any malicious activities over the internet. Any unauthorized access from outside the network will be blocked by the windows firewall.


LAN is available in our institution along with wifi router, network switches and all the systems are connected to the LAN. Virtual LAN is established through network switches connecting all the systems.

Access Control List – Protect access with efficient identity management

Student account is created in all the systems for student’s purpose and admin account is created for system admin purpose.

Security roles and responsibilities Policies for Internet and Social media usage

Students are advised to use internet only for academic related activities and Students are not allowed to access social media websites and also gaming websites.

Intrusion Detection System

Wifi accessibility is restricted to unknown users in the institution. All wifi routers have a strong password without which nobody can access the Wifi. Wifi password will be shared to persons on demand upon verification only.

Network Monitoring System

All Wifi routers, Network Switches and LAN is monitored regularly for any faults and in case of any faults it is solved as early as possible.

Internet Security/Antivirus

All systems in the institution have built in windows security antivirus which detect and remove any malwares or virus from entering the system.

Programs on each computer

Windows 10 Operating System, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Google Chrome Browser, Microsoft Edge, Adobe PDF Reader.

Backup sensitive data on external storage media

All the sensitive data is taken backup in 10TB external storage device.

Updating programs and systems regularly

Windows OS and all programs are updated every week in all the systems which help in better functioning of the systems.

Technical Infrastructure
Sl. No Particulars Quantity Room No
1 AHUJA 250M Amplifier with 4 speakers, Hand Mic, Collar Mic, Podium Mic 1 No 105
2 AHUJA 250M Amplifier with 4 speakers, Hand Mic, Collar Mic, Podium Mic 1 No 107
3 Portable AHUJA Speaker 3 Nos 102, 106, 206
4 ViewSonic Projector with Projector Screen 3 Nos 105, 106, 107
5 Panasonic Projector with Screen 1 No 102
6 Casio Projector with Screen 2 Nos 206, PG Lab
7 APC 1000W UPS for Projectors 4 Nos 102, 105, 106, 107
8 Wifi Router 3 Nos Office, IQAC, Director Cabin
9 Announcement Speaker with AHUJA Amplifier and Mic 1 No Corridor
10 HP Laserjet M1005 MFP Printer 3 Nos Office, Staffroom, Library
11 HP Laserjet 1020 Plus 3 Nos Office, IQAC
12 Epson Color Printer 1 No Director Cabin

Fire and Safety

Fire and safety measures in a college are of utmost importance to ensure the well-being of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. It is essential to have a comprehensive fire safety plan in place to prevent fires, minimize risks, and effectively respond in case of emergencies. Fire safety is a set of practices intended to reduce destruction caused by fire. The college conducts regular fire risk assessments to identify hazards and implement appropriate preventive measures. This includes ensuring that buildings comply with fire safety codes, installation of fire extinguishers, conducting routine inspections of electrical systems, heating, ventilation, and other fire-prone areas.


  • To prevent and suppress fires by rendering prompt and efficient services so as to keep the loss of life and property to the minimum.
  • To conduct fire safety inspection in hazardous occupancies.
  • To impart training in fire prevention, firefighting and fire protection.

Food and Safety Standards

Maintaining high food safety standards is crucial in an institute where a large number of students rely on campus canteen facilities. The food and safety standard maintained will impact the health of students and staff as well as enhances the reputation of the Institute.

College conducts routine inspection of cafeteria and hostel mess to ensure the quality of food and hygiene, the feedback and review of the inspection is discussed in the council meeting and implement the suggestion given by the council members. The hostel mess has trained staff who takes care of hygiene cooking practices to ensure the quality and staff maintains strict protocols for storage and well-planned purchase of food grains and fresh vegetables to avoid the wastage.

Safety and Security Measures

Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies ensures the safety and security of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. To achieve this, institution has adopted various measures to minimize risks, and respond effectively to emergencies. These measures include physical security, such as access control systems, security cameras, and lighting, etc. By adopting and implementing comprehensive safety and security measures, colleges has created a safe and secure learning environment that promotes student success and well-being.