Student Council

Class Representatives

The Students’ Council of SIMS act as a productive channel for communication between the faculty and students. The Students’ Council has class representatives from each section of first year and second year. Students’ Council serves as an interactive body that promotes basic communication. The council supports in the planning of extracurricular activities including athletics, social events, leisure activities, and other educational activities.

The Role of Class Representative

The primary responsibility of Students’ Council is to facilitate communication between students and administrative personnel.

  • To encourage an environment that is supportive for learning and personal growth.
  • To assist the management, administrative staff, and professors in the development of the institution by sharing the viewpoints, suggestions, and feedback of students.
  • To speak for the students ‘opinions on issues of general interest.
MBA First Year
Section A Section B
Adhira PS Harshitha CS
Pooja TR Poornima Patil
Chethan G Gourav Gupta
Srinivas D Sreenivas Joshi
MBA Second Year
Section A Section B
Mohammed Rehman Shwetha G
Renushree S Keerthi S U
Bhushan S Jagthap Mukunda Murthy T
Ashwini CA Vinay G