General Secretary’s Message

Wooday P krishna

"Today we are in a man-made world. The devices,artifacts, materials" and systems of society are all products of innovation. The whole world is moving steadily in this direction.

Even agriculture and animal husbandry are getting technologized. All "policy makers, managers of enterprise, engineers, technologists need to get well prepared and trained to face the challenges ahead with necessary skill-sets. Innovation is the buzz-word to bring in the needed"transformation in the quality of products and services.

The earlier concept of 'publish or per ish' has now changed to "' innovate or perish' . An innovative student can be trained only by an innovative teacher. Innovation can be practiced and cultured with discipline and hard work . While competence helps 'invention', competition helps 'innovation'. Continuous improvement should be the goal since" innovation is work rather than genius.

"I am urc th.:tt the lnnovi:tliu11 Cdl uf Sel1cH..l1 iµur cllll 111:,Lilule ur" "Management Studies, Yelahanka, will provide its students with strong analytical skills, practical ingenuity, leadershi p, professionalism and ethical standards to pursue life-long learning. Failure is the root cause of" innovation and if the students are helped to exper imenl wi Lhout tear of "failure, the Innovation Cell will 111ur e Lhe:m :,er ve ils purpose."


Hon. General Secretary
Seshadripuram Educational Trust