NIRF-2019 | PGCET Code: B279


Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) and Seshadripuram Academy for Global Excellence (SAGE) are flagship management institutions under the aegis of Seshadripuram Educational Trust (SET) which has been a symbol of quality education accessible by people hailing from different social and economic strata, in the state of Karnataka for almost nine decades now.Our management institutions have upheld the highest standards of academic delivery to students while being adaptive to the dynamic higher education ecosystem of our country.

In its two decades of operation, SIMS has produced the finest management graduates who are currently occupying prestigious positions in organizations across the world. The diversity of students studying in the institution provides for a healthy learning atmosphere which has been revered by the parents of our candidates. Learning beyond classroom is a daily affair at SIMS where students are given opportunities to hone their management skills through active participation at seminars, workshops, conferences and skill development events across the country. Students are encouraged to work as part-time interns in industry throughout their MBA programme which gives them the problem solving and team playing skills that the world is looking for, in management graduates today.

To render a global exposure to students, Seshadripuram Academy for Global Excellence (SAGE) was established by SET where students pursue collaborative master degree programmes in Management, Computer Science and Law with universities at United States of America. SAGE has been operational for 10 years now and has an alumni strength of well over 150 all of whom look back at SAGE as the institution which opened the doors of global opportunities to them.

Our management programmes at both SIMS and SAGE have been tailor made to not only render the students as employable workforce of our country but as responsible citizens of our great nation with a strong foundation of culture and values. Our pursuit of achieving the right balance between academic development and personality development of our students have helped us in developing a rational working model in our management institutes where members of the faculty double up as life coaches and mentors for the candidates. With the right amount ofmentoring and personal training we continue to be a premier conglomerate of institutions which students look up to as avenues of hope, growth and success.

Hon. General Secretary